There are numerous activities you can experience at the Perla del Borgo:

Tour of the village: discovering noble palaces, churches and the gates that tell the story of the Borgo and of its ancient but not gone by beauty. It is a walk through time. From ruins and everyday life glimpses, passing through the narrowest alley of Italy, to finally reach Magoni vantage point.

Walk to see the sunrise: it is un unmissable walk. A one-hour walk surrounded by nature, in order to see the sun rise from the sea, releasing colourful sunbeams and freeing positive energies.

Dinner in an ancient Catojo: to taste the real Calabrian cuisine, prepared by the wise hands of the local ladies.

Relaxing massage on the terrace: you can enjoy a relaxing massage in a unique setting. You will be completely undisturbed, cuddled up with the singing birds and the wonderful blue sea in front of you.

Pilats/yoga classes: on the terrace or in the beach, you can relax your body and your mind in complete harmony with nature and the environment.