The Borgo of Santa Caterina dello Ionio: a place bewitched by the time, enchanted by the awesomeness of a unique village , sublimed by the colours of the Calabrian land, the perfect synthesis of all the things nature can offer… crystal-clear sea, luxuriant flora and piedmont landscapes.
Life in the village comes along slowly, calmly, smoothly and quietly. Nevertheless it is impossible to feel lonely, the village greets you with a warm hug and people open their doors as if they have known you for a lifetime.
It will happen to lose the sense of time: you will not remember what time it is, what day it is and what year it is. You will end up seated on a bench in the main square near someone who is telling you their story. It will occur that, while walking through the streets of the village, someone looking out the window invites you to their home to offer you a cup of coffee.
While you are reading this text, you may be wondering if these strange things can truly happen outside dreams and fairy tales but when you are there it all will seem natural to you.